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Intensive Oil Blend Recipe

As an added bonus, the smell is fantastic! The scent is unisex so despite it's name, the product is great for men and women alike, especially those with dry skin. Intensive Oil Blend contains lavender, geranium tangerine, ylang ylang and calendula. The base oils of jojoba, sunflower and vitamin E provide a wonderful carrier environment for the essential oils.

Recipe: 10 mls. calendula

5 mls. jojoba

10 mls. sunflower

2 pricked capsules of Vitamin E

3 drops of lavender e. oil

3 drops of geranium e. oil

4 drops of tangerine e. oil

1 drop of ylang ylang e. oi



Good for: 1. Skin care

2. Depression and anxiety

3. Urinary tract infections

In skin care its antiseptic healing action makes it useful with eczema or psoriasis type problems. The antiseptic and healing properties of bergamot make it beneficial for treating conditions like acne, or infected skin, indolent wounds and ulcers, eczema, psoriasis.

Caution: Strong sunlight should be avoided after use because it increases photo-sensitivity of the skin. Do not use if the area of application will be exposed to sunlight for 24 hours due to its phototoxicity. Dilute if used in a bath and as in use of all citrus essential oils add only 3 drops at the most to the bath as it may cause irritation of the skin. Could cause contact sensitization. Rotate between different oils.

Aromatic blessings,
Marlene Mitchell
Principal of
International Certified Aromatherapy Institute

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