I am a Certified Aromatherapist and an Aromatherapy Teacher and have been for close to two decades. I am married to my wonderful husband of many years. I have one dog “Huey” and three cats. Throughout the years, I have researched how aromatherapy works for my animals and I love to teach my passion for aromatherapy and animals. You should never use essential oils for cats or small animals as their liver cannot metabolize the chemical constituents in essential oils. You can use hydrosols. Cats can tolerate them with no problems. I have used aromatherapy with my animals throughout the years.

Note: In response to questions regarding cats --- NO PHENOLS on cats. PHENOLS are a naturally occurring constituent in many essential oils and should NOT be used on cats and other small animals. Examples of oils high in PHENOLS: Oregano, Clove, Thyme, cinnamon, Mountain Savory, Tarragon. DO NOT use these on cats or ferrets ---- NO PHENOLS ------

Cats are highly sensitive to essential oils as their liver has a very limited ability to metabolize them. Do not use essential oils on cats. You can use hydrosols. Topical application is never recommended for cats.

Unfortunately cats lack hepatic glucuronidation (they lack enzyme glucuronyl tranferases)so ingestion of essential oils could be dangerous. In my research throughout the years, I found that Veterinarians were finding that cats were very sick due to some of the chemical constituents that are in essential oils. So do not even diffuse essential oils around cats. The more they breathe in, the more of these chemical constituents they can not detoxify.
So please, do not use essential oils around cats.
To you and your cat's health
Marlene Mitchell
Do not apply the oils topically or force oils on a cat as their ability to metabolise them is limited and overuse or long-term use can cause liver failure. Often Hydrosols are a better option for cats as they are gentler.

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