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Certified Aromatherapist Programs

These courses are primarily for individuals wishing to practice clinical aromatherapy. Our Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist program is also recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. You do not need any prerequisites or massage therapy experience to enroll in these courses.

Certified Therapist Courses

As part of our commitment to advancing knowledge of Aromatherapy, and providing students and graduates with data from the latest research, we offer courses in the following areas.

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In-School Programs

School Hours Available:
Monday to Friday : 9:30 am - 6:30 pm
Wednesday Evenings : until 9:00 pm
Saturdays: 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Distance Education

Courses may be taken by home study. You may choose to purchase professionally prepared paper-free materials and guidance by email. Our staff is available to answer questions by email or telephone.

Tuition includes:

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Why Study Aromatherapy?

International Certified Aromatherapy Institute prices are much better than others on the market. Why is that? International Certified Aromatherapy Institute is committed to providing the best courses at the best possible prices with the most information for you, the student.

Life-Changing Careers

What are International Certified Aromatherapy Institute’s graduates doing?

By Studying Aromatherapy, you will be able to effectively:

How You Can Start An Aromatherapy Business

An aromatherapy business is a great way to create a business at home or in a small retail location that can serve customers and make them feel better. With aromatherapy becoming a growing trend, the profits that are available are limitless.

For example:

What You Will Receive From Us

  • We offer an educational style that is interactive, knowledge based and practical.
  • Students receive in-depth training in Aromatherapy, making them competitive candidates for employment in the Aromatherapy Health Field.
  • We offer the latest Up-to-date researched information.
  • We set professional standards, and our graduates are in high demand for their excellent grounding in theory and proficiency in technique.
  • International-Certified Aromatherapy Institute is devoted to providing quality professional Aromatherapy school education.
  • The Aromatherapy school's mission is to further the high education standards in Aromatherapy schools by offering an extensive Aromatherapy school program for the professional or lay person interested in this fast-growing Complimentary Therapy Field.
  • Receive Educational Support

    As a student you can request course ongoing support at any time via email, telephone and/or written letters. We are here to provide you with feedback, support and answers to your questions and throughout your educational experience with us. We are always there for students even after graduation etc.

    Marlene Mitchell - Director of Education