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Marlene Mitchell

Director Marlene Mitchell

Marlene Mitchell is the Founder/Director of the International Certified Aromatherapy Institute. Marlene has been an aromatherapy educator for 19 years, opening her first aromatherapy school in Ontario, Canada in 1995. Marlene has taught aromatherapy (from introductory through Master studies) since 1995. She has developed comprehensive educational programs which are presented throughout the world.

She has designed and taught aromatherapy courses for massage and bodywork therapists, estheticians, social workers, nurses, and other healthcare providers. Marlene has trained massage therapists, estheticians, nursing home professionals, retail store owners, students, private groups, and consumers how to safely and effectively use essential oils. Marlene is a strong advocate for the application of natural remedies for self care healthcare and believes education is the key to self empowerment.

It is with incredible gratitude and value that I reflect on 15 years of being an educator and practitioner in the ever growing and expanding field of aromatherapy. It has been an honor to be so involved with practicing, teaching, researching, growing, writing and learning about aromatic plants, essential oils, herbs, and the world of Complementary health and healing. Over the years I have become more passionate about education in aromatherapy as well as being empowered in our choices for healthcare. As I reflect on the experiences over the past 15 years I come to appreciate the profound healing aromatherapy (also known as aromatic medicine) has offered not only for me and my family but also for the students, friends, and colleagues who have travelled the aromatic path with us.

Her knowledge is not restricted to a single alternative therapy. She carries extensive credentials and certification in traditional and alternative therapies.

Marlene personally teaches courses in aromatherapy.

"My parents were always interested in holistic medicine. I learned so much from my Mother who always mentioned to use this holistic remedy for this or that. I always envisioned and imagined myself teaching Aromatherapy. The values that guide me as an individual as well as an Instructor are my quest for furthering and providing knowledge in the Aromatherapy Health field and to receive and provide the highest level of Aromatherapy knowledge. I love helping clients and students by practicing, teaching, researching, growing, writing and learning about aromatic plants, essential oils, herbs, and the world of Aromatherapy health. One of the biggest differences is that I teach about 'safe use' of essential oils and empower the student to know what the scope of practice is and how to safely work with essential oils within their professional framework. I am always there for students even after graduation etc.

My mission statement is: "My purpose is to express my communication skills, and passion for Aromatherapy by successfully teaching Aromatherapy courses and by receiving and providing the highest level of Aromatherapy knowledge and have a beautiful relationship with myself and others."

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