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Quality Professional Education in Aromatherapy and Complimentary Therapies

We are one of the oldest schools that have been recognized (over ten years) by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

The Associations that recognize our aromatherapy programs do not require massage to have an Aromatherapist join their association. There are no governing or regulating bodies regarding the practice of Aromatherapy as well as the manufacture of aromatherapy products in Canada and the U.S.A

Graduates from our "C.A. Certified Aromatherapist", or "C.C.A. Certified Clinical Aromatherapist" or "C.C.M.A. Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist" programs who live in any country in the world are able to join NAHA as a member

We offer payment plans for the CCMA Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist program!

Learn In The Classroom

Benefit from direct teacher-student interaction by attending our school, conveniently located near the nation's capital.
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We offer payment plans!


Learn From A Distance

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